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ImaginAction is pain free, effective Self help. The lazy student’s fast track to great results. No wordy waffle to wade through, just beautiful pools of colour to sink into… Portals into the greatest story ever told. No! Not that one! An even better one! Your story! A discovery of who you are, of who you can be when you claim your own power.

Eda Ryven


The artwork alone will take you places!…and the questions build sanctuaries for intrepid inner travels. They’re tons of fun and easy to use, too!  They make self development and inner work simple, and the results are not simple at all.  I feel like I have an extra fuel tank for life now!

Abby B.

Art Your Chart

Here is an Astrologer who told me everything, and said nothing!

Karen S.

Art Your Chart

I love the way Jordan visually divines Charts. Imagistic writing! The visual language really is his mother tongue. English comes a close 2nd. I feel he made an Oracle Image out of my Astro Chart. It is beyond cool and enriches my life! I gaze into it each morning and get something new. It’s like it fills up with my dreams each night. Each morning it inspires actions and meditations with heart. Really helps me keep my perspective fresh. I love that it arrived digitally by email, weightless, so I had the opportunity to engage it and finish it by homing it. I sent it to a printer to place it on a favorite paper and easel-back framed it. It sits on my desk like a family photo, of my family inside me. Heck, it made an altar out of my desk! My work feels so much better now. I gaze into it, and even my daydreaming is productive. Thank you, Jordan! I love the tingles I get when I teach myself something new with my Chart Treasure. I wish he would call them Soul Safecrackers. That’s really what they are. Mine dials me in, connects treasure discoveries within me like Inner Inheritances as he calls them. The messages I unpack enrich my life. Inner Inheritances. I'll go along with that, though I still wish he would call them Soul Safecrackers. That's really what they are. Or... oh my! What did I say up there? Oh Yes! I hope he listens. Art Your Chart should be called Dream Catchers. Jordan, are you listening?

Wren D.

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