Dreamcatcher ~ Your Astro Oracle image Chart

Dreamcatcher ~ Your Astro Oracle image Chart

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Art Your Chart

Experience your Chart in a wonderful, custom way. Jordan steeps in your Chart as he sits and meditates with it to fill up with the relationships and interdependent flow of the Oracle Art of your Chart. Art Your Chart transforms your Chart into a Personal Oracle Image, and provides you with visual gifts of messages for you to explore and unpack.


Include your Birthday, Birth Time, and Birth Location on your order. If you do not know your Birth Time, I will use Noon on your Birthday.


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    Dream Catchers provide a visual Astrology Reading for you to use like your own, personal Oracle Astro Chart delivered digitally, weightlessly, right to your email. You can send it to your local printer to have yours placed on a favorite paper suitable for framing. Order your Dream Catcher today!


    We do not offer refunds for work completed as that goes against the honor system. Though, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase once received, we can directly discuss how you would like to handle it with a personal customer service Zoom call we will schedule with you at your convenience. This is Art and Divination, not automation. You can buy with confidence at SandboxPsyche knowing the value of your satisfaction is a primary reason we are here. We love to hear from you. If you're satisfied, please tell a friend or two. If not, please do not hesitate to tell us.


    Dream Catcher Astro Art Charts are delivered electronically by email. The hardcopy originals are not shipped to you. Please understand that when placing your order. By not shipping the hardcopy original we are able to keep prices reasonable. Yes, there's a little sweat equity on your part for you to send your Dream Catcher to a printer, and then have it framed yourself. Our customers express they actually prefer it this way. Ownership of their Dream Catcher, like a welcoming ritual blessing to take the finishing touch steps to bring it into being for their altar or office or both.


    Dream Catchers are delivered digitally as a .jpeg or .pdf. 

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