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Meet the Divination Studio Team

Who We Are

Sandbox Psyche wouldn’t be the successful online Divination Studio and store it is today without our wonderful clients and incredible Divination Studio Team! 

Each of us is committed to professional client service through each of our unique ways to build value in your life with results.

Always complete, never finished, lifelong. 

Learn more about our team and book your ongoing sessions to enhance and embody the project of your life with Jordan, Raquel, Karen, and Holly.

Thank you visiting the Divination Studio at Sandbox Psyche. We look forward to our work with you.


Jordan Hoggard

Founder, Tarot Life Mapping & Transformation Professional

Owner and Founder Jordan Hoggard is the author of: Tarot in the Land of Mystereum; ImaginAction and Prescient Remembrance. He is also the creator of several Tarot Reading Methods to improve your Tarot fluency. Further embody your dreams into results in the ongoing project of your life. 

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Karen Sealey

Co-Founder, Generalist, Solutionist, Tarot & Transformation Professional

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Karen Sealey is the author of the OO, The Orphaned Oracle.  

At an early age, a headmaster told me that I could be anything that I put my mind to. This was the beginning of a problem that took a long time to solve. My tiny mind had heard ‘anything’ as ‘any thing’ and so I laboured under the misapprehension that I had to chose ONE thing. Even at that early age, I somehow knew that setting my mind to ONE thing was probably never going to happen. After all how are you supposed to choose what to do with your life unless you’ve spent a lot of your life exploring different things?

For many years, I laughingly labelled myself as a serial underachiever, as I tired of hearing the question – When are you going to get a proper job?

I’ve spent my life successfully evading what I figure most people would define as a proper job – i.e. something that makes use of that degree I got. Finally I got to a point in my life where I stopped caring about other people’s opinions that I’d wasted my education and realised that being a Jill of all trades was not such a bad thing. There’s a derogatory tone that often accompanies the word ‘dilettante’, that somehow it’s frivolous to pursue interests for amusement. As a generalist, I take my fun seriously and whether I intended to or not, over time I’ve hacked my own education to develop ways and means to solve problems and keep myself gainfully employed.

As a small child, I had a fascination for puzzles, particularly those metal ones. Most people I know found them frustrating or just plain uninteresting. I enjoyed the challenge of seperating the parts and then realising how to put them back together again. I would delight in twirling them in my hands, separating and rejoining the pieces over and over until no thought was required, no struggle, no unnecessary force, just gentle, subtle twists that effortlessly and somewhat poetically seemed to defy what looked impossible.

Why am I telling you this?

I figure that it is already obvious that I’m a tarot reader, diviner etc. or why else would I be here? I could list the things I do but lists are boring, and I’ve always considered the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ to be the more useful to know.

How do I work?

I listen to people then I scroll my memory banks and plunder my bag of tricks to find a bespoke way of creating solutions.

Sounds confusing?

Don’t worry I’m born for this! My birth chart pretty much all falls across 9th and 10th houses, with dispositions linking all of my planets back to Venus sitting on my MH.

Or to put it another way – My sense of aesthetic brings all my thoughts together harmoniously in a way that I can communicate to serve others seeking deeper meanings.

holly troy bio image 2.jpg

Holly Troy

Co-Founder, Tarot & Astrology Embodiment Professional

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I am an explorer of the edges, the places of shift and change, where the thin quiver of constant movement along boundaries is almost unseen. My passion is to take people on a journey of positive transformation through imagination, movement, pranayama, and play. For over 20 years I have worked with the lunar cycles to concentrate my potential for creative manifestation, and move through growth with grace, agility, and confidence. I am a musician and performer, a painter, a yogini and somatic/yoga instructor and workshop leader, Reiki Master teacher practitioner (Deer Spirit Reiki lineage), artist's model, writer, and mountain biker. My approach to life is playful, deep, and compassionate. I believe creativity, love, kindness, radical authenticity, fun, and self-care are imperative for a just and sustainable world.

My current projects include: all-girl garage band - The LofiSofias; art-making - see my work at Cosmic Holly or on Instagram @holly-troy-artLunar Alchemy Tarot readings,DIY dance inspiration videos; and my workshop - Co-Creating with theCosmos. You can find me at, on youtube @hollytroy, and on Instagram.


Raquel Fonseca

Co-Founder, Astrologer and Tarot Professional

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We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Reader to juice your life with results as Raquel Fonseca.

From Raquel, 

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. My name is Raquel, I'm brazilian and I am 35 years old,

and my path with spirituality began early on and in a modest manner. During childhood, my

family did not have a specific religion, so I was able to be in contact with a lot of different

religious beliefs without actually following any of them in a serious way. At 13 yo I received

a Tarot deck as a present, from my mother's friend. According to her, the tarot deck was her

mother's, she was a tarologist, but because they didn't get along she was not interested in the

cards. She was also unable to throw them in the trash.

The Tarot deck was the Mythic Tarot, created by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Green, both

of them Jungian analysts that reinterpreted the Marseille Tarot Cards in the light of greek

mythology. This deck made my love for mythology grow stronger, and later in life I got a

chance to go deeper in my studies in my History graduation. Today I'm graduated in History,

Archivology and I have a post grad in Social Services. All these studies made me an avid

reader, and everything related to tarot and any spiritual and mystical ventures became a part

of my leisure time. When I reached 30 yo, I started to professionalize as a Tarot Consultant,

an Oracle reader (Lenormand and Bellini cards) and an astrologer.

Types of Reading

The Wheel of Fortune

This reading is aimed to signify the nuances of the Wheel of Fortune card to one person. The

Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the changes that are occuring in our lives. Most of the times

these changes are coming from the flow of life but we are not completely able to understand

the significance of that, mostly because we understand change as a sign of disruption or

chaos. The Wheel of Fortune reading is set to give the client tools to work the awareness to

be present in this moment of lifetime and to realize that the wheel spins everyday, so we

encounter the aspects of change on a day to day basis.

The price of exchange is $200, for a period of 1h-1h30m of reading.

Simple Reading

This reading is a basic tarot reading, for one question plus clarifications, for a period of 50

minutes of reading. I'll talk about the past, present and future, reading the archetypes of the

Mythic Tarot deck, making a deep and meaningful exchange.

The price of exchange is $100 for the reading.

Astrological Mandala

This reading is based on the logic of a birth astrology chart. Using the tarot to understand the

twelve houses of an astrology chart, this reading will talk about every aspect of someone's

life, regardless of specific questions made prior to the consultant. Like weaving a giant spider

web, the astrological mandala is a complete reading that can bring together different aspects

of someone's life.

The price of exchange is $250, for a period of 1h30min-2h of reading.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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