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I Asked a Question, and Then Grew Larger

Yesterday, I asked a question. Aren’t the unconscious and Collective Unconscious bigger than good and evil?

And, it came to me. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake. The Yin-Yang symbol. Good and evil. Light and dark. Heights and depths. Numinous and chthonic. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, like any marriage, created something larger. So, in the personal, alchemical Chymical Wedding in Self of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, a sacred larger thing is accessed. What is that? The personal unconscious and the Collective Unconscious.

The unconscious and Collective unconscious are larger than good and bad, good and evil, light and dark, and larger even than Heaven and Hell.

For a tree to grow to heaven, it’s roots much reach to hell. ~ C.G. Jung

And, for the 1st time I saw that Carl Jung quote as full-on limiting in regards to how I experience the Place of Creation. For the 1st time I discerned and experienced the More of larger than that In a way that came in words.

The unconscious and Collective Unconscious, the self and the Self, are all larger than good and evil. There is no longer any reason to subject anything to the judgmental nonsense of convincing or proving. It’s more than reasons are often unreasonably and limiting approximations. Moreso, it is more like the experience of life one can access when:

When you focus on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you make an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter — favoritism vs shaming behavior. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. ~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido from The Art of Peace translated by John Stevens.

So, today, how can you own something deep within that you have always known, never expressed, and pour it into the vessel of your life to grow and take up more room at the level that you not only deserve, though that also unconstricts you without deconstructing you? How can you find your Goldilocks & The Three Bears Just Right size for you to engage yourself and enact in the world on all cylinders with the always complete, never finished, lifelong, full deck of Self that lives in the Temple of your body and swims in the unconscious as you gaze into the Inner Night Sky Black Crucible of The Magician of the Collective Unconscious.

May you yank glowing-eyed fishes from the deep. Sometimes keepers. Sometimes a Place of Creation catch and release program. Build your relationship with your unconscious with care and attention and the discipline of the regular ritual to connect with it. Rest, too. Though, how big are you really?

How big are you, really? To truly be effective and engage and enact without the fetter of irritants, as the unconscious is no oyster. A grain of stain will not create a pearl there. The void does not accept irritants. It lives with power and grace and stealth and eternity. How can you as well?

Like any marriage, something larger is formed. Like the African Hunters’ Proverb: To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. With the marriage of heaven and hell, the unconscious and Collective unconscious already there is accessed. May that larger portal of be your ally to access the wisdom of the ages that innately lives within you.

Know Thyself and You Will Know the Universe. ~ Above the entry to The Oracle at Delphi

Why look outside of yourself for that which lives within? Like... Yup, the Holy Grail. Your body is the vessel, and the way your Soul fills it... That is yours. That is your Inner Inheritance you receive always complete, never finished, lifelong.

In one way or another, all 9 images above say the same thing about the All and the Abyss and the Here and the Beyond. Do you see them? Do you feel them within you? Can you see this animated gif below within you in your inner orbits with your Inner Astronaut? What do you see and feel from this blog today?

May I suggest? Dispense with worry of good and evil. Discard the denial indulgence of conspiracy theories that distract you from engaging with and looking at yourself rather than handing over the responsibility by blaming some nebulous and abstract other. Remember the deception of... fundamentalism often has piss-poor fundamentals.

The unconscious and Collective unconscious see good and evil as big time 101 course, frosh in the class of life. How do I know? Simple. I asked them. Can you as well?

(c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot Consultant, Astrology Oracle Image Artist

Founder, SandboxPsyche

ANNOUNCEMENT ~ The Sandbox Psyche Divination Studio is COMING SOON! Including me, we will have a team of four Tarot Consultants and Astrologers. And, cool thing? Most of us are both. It only took my whole life up to this point to find the quaternity of people I am proud to call my Team! Stay tuned for these four cornerstone people to enact a robust group of divination professionals for your reading needs on SandboxPsyche!

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