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Built Beautiful, An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story with narration by Martha Stewart

Updated: May 10, 2021

Experience this groundbreaking new film as it moves you with the power of quiet elegance and the healthy poetics of beauty for the architecture of your well-being personally, communally, and culturally globally. Allow architecture to help you embody beauty with this film.

by Architects Don H. Ruggles, Melissa Mabe, and Team

Screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival May 7th to 15th, 2021!*

with narration by Martha Stewart

Purchase your All Access Online tickets for $85.00 USD by clicking here

Ticket sales end on Thursday May 13th, so act fast to get yours!

From IMDb:

“Neuroscience gives architects a new lens through which to consider the built environment’s influence on health and wellness.”

From Me:

I say that Beauty inspires, and is also one of those primary requirements for a healthy life in support of both the personal and cultural and global architecture of our well-being.

See the Trailer on Vimeo

Showing at the PIFF, the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.*


*Do note that as I navigated the PIFF site and then tracked through to their Facebook site, I have not yet been able to find the 2021 Event Schedule much less this wonderful film offering of:

Built Beautiful, An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story

Don h. Ruggles, Melissa Mabe

with narration by Martha Stewart

I will update this post and then also post it on once I have located easy to navigate links so you can experience this film online as the PIFF buildings are closed. Wonderfully ironic, huh? Architecture, online. So elegantly modern, quiet elegance, really. Big Abrazos nods In silence to that.

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