Your One-of-a-Kind Personal Astro Seal

Your One-of-a-Kind Personal Astro Seal

Commission Jordan to create your Astro Seal. Like a Mark of Self crest that is inspired by your Astrology Natal Chart when we transform your initials into a uniquely personal Astro Seal. Each one of a kind Astro Seal is custom made just for you. Think signet ring, wax stamp, artist's signature stamp. Astro Seals are pefect for this! We may even offer these as a package deal in the near future. Heck, possibly even Astro Seal Pens and notepads to hand out to clients as gimmes to remember you. For now, though, welcome to the Astro Seal deal.


Type in your birthday, birth time, birthplace, the initial or initials for your Astro Seal in the block we've provided. Also, let us know if you have a preferred color or colors for your Astro Seal crest to be featured in the heart of your textured Chart like on the example here done in bordeaux-towards-black with red accents.


Astro Seals take approximately 1 - 2 weeks to complete as they are each one of a kind works of art made just for you to be emailed directly to your inbox once we complete your order. You'll receive a high quality JPEG + PDF of same for ease of use. Your Astro Seal image is digitally delivered directly to your inbox.


You can then use your Astro Seal as a screensaver, send it out to be printed on your favorite paper and frame it to proudly display. Great for your home, home office, and also excellent as gifts that have that personal touch. 


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